Thursday, 3 October 2013

Squally World

When the world's two great counter-flowing wind currents converge in the equator zone...sparks will fly and not a dull moment, nor a proper nights rest, can be found. We had to bail out Peros Banhos (Chagos/BIOT) after a little Trojan Horse came round for a visit bringing a very welcome cold air front, then blinding sheets of rain and 30 knot gusts.  
That turned out to be just a little teaser for squalls to come. The other night, a 60 knot beastie formed on top of our heads, dogged us for 6 solid hours, ripped up our  newly repaired sails and send a nice torrential downpour down the back of our necks!  It was such a persistent menace that at one point, we considered 'heaving-to'.  Fede, myself, Trent Goldsack and his charming wife Ruth McCance sorted things out on deck while Indigo, ever the champion, handled the situation like the seasoned professional she is. Bad things always happen at nightfall and so the worst of it was that I was not able to get any footage but here is what an approaching squall line looks like during the day!!
There must be some sort of seafaring law that says, 'If something bad is to happen, it will happen during the small hours of the night.' F Scott Fitzgerald called that the 'three o'clock hour' when the abnormal becomes normal.  Anyway, I now watch the routine setting of the sun with my customary wonder, but also with a prick of foreboding until we reach higher latitudes anyway!
Between George the grumpy autopilot, Matilda, the cantankerous water maker and Squally World, we've been thinking about renaming our expedition to National Lampoon's...


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