Tuesday, 1 October 2013

George strikes again

George, the grumpy Jefa autopilot, stuck again late last night.  He started steering us off the face of the planet at the very inconvenient hour of 11pm; which meant we all faced a long night of hand steering.  Why doesn't he ever act up in the middle of the day?!
This marks the third inexplicable breakdown, and subsequent recovery, of grumpy George since we left Mauritius 3 weeks ago.  We dug around for awhile and couldn't find anything untoward.  We looked at the mechanics; they looked fine.  No blown fuses or anything.  So with very few options remaining we decided to reboot the system and now George is back to being happy.  We decided that George must be running Windows 98 or something (perhaps even Windows Seven)...what else could explain it??


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