Thursday, 3 October 2013

1 On The Road Again

We are on our way again, this time to sail up to Adoo Atoll in the Maldives for our change of crew.  Once the new crew boards, we will cruise up the Maldivian Archipelago to the largest atoll in the world (Huvadhoo Atoll), then Kolhumadulu Atoll, then finally up to Male to reprovision.
The reefs in Chagos, Saloman Islands in particular, are a coral reef wonderland with fish and sharks aplenty. The sandy shores of the small deserted islands are literally crawling with crabs of all types, including coconut crabs, and the corals themselves are very healthy.
Not even when I was studying the protected reefs off Bermuda have I seen such a vibrant ecosystem. I remember my advisor told me that studying coral reefs was just writing their obituary. Considering the reefs I had seen thus far, ocean acidification, warming and other stresses our oceans face, I suppose there is an element of truth to that; but in the meantime, we do have reefs in this world that are recovering, alive and flourishing.  Long may that continue.  Goodbye to one of the prettiest places on the planet!
S/Y Indigo V Team
Indian Ocean Expedition


  1. Wow! That is a gorgeous photograph! Stunning, how you've captured the underwater and landscape vistas all at the same time. I wonder what kind of a camera you used; I know neither my iPhone nor my Panasonic Lumix would cut it! So interesting about the beauty and health of the atolls you saw and the comparison with the Bermuda reefs you saw not too long ago. So glad there are some ocean areas which haven't been harmed by the chemical onslaught most oceans have suffered...

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  6. Fantastic! Adoo Atoll in the Maldives it's heaven on earth. Read also my story about my trip around world!

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