Friday, 20 September 2013

We arrived here in to the untouched wonderland known as Chaogs/BIOT (British Indian Ocean Territories).  We are the first research vessel to be given water and sponge sampling rights for this region ever.  In fact, there are more scientists going to Antarctica every year than Chagos so there is much speculation aboard about what we might discover here. Will we find that these are the same as tropical waters elsewhere or will these waters show something unique? It's a big mystery and sampling starts tomorrow!
While everybody is aboard sampling, I'll be photographing the reef. As a condition of our permit, the British Government wants to use my footage for their website so I will be busy taking video and photos of this stunning location. So far I've more reef sharks and a rather large one tracked Fede for awhile. Good thing he had no idea!
Look, everyone misses the office job, but somebody has to drive the dinghy! Today I took my Leica for a spin.  What do you think? I suffered a little technical difficulties with lens fog, but overall I'm very pleased. The water temperature is 84F, perfect for my four hour dives wearing only a bikini!
It's to be expected that the reefs here are pristine since this whole area has been named a reserve. In fact these reefs are in fantastic shape. It's a pleasure to see something here in planet earth that hasn't been ravaged in some way by mankind.