Monday, 16 September 2013

Unsung hero's

It seems like every leg we have just the right people for the conditions of the trip. I'm convinced that we wouldn't have made it out of that storm if we didn't have Joe Grzymski , Martin Ostrowski  and Josh Goldstein aboard. They all took turns helming every half an hour throughout the night while I manned the radio in case of the unthinkable. Fede and I are still so grateful to those guys for putting up their hand when they had absolutely no reason to do it.
This leg, we have Jacob Senstius who is our everything electrical expert and he has no qualms with diving into the black hole, I mean the lazerette, and digging out whatever we need (a monumental task).  He's been able to resurrect our battery charger, restore our failing peristaltic pumps that we call Siamese twins because one cannot survive without the other, hardwire Indigo on and off shorepower and... he can make beer bread (a highly coveted skill).
Joe Podvorec and Jasna Zarkovic have been our chef extraordinaires whipping up some really fantastic meals on the high seas...and cleaning up afterwards!! This is impressive because this is their first ocean crossing, which renders almost all pollywogs totally incapacitated.
Mike Givskov has commandeered all the complicated scientific equipment and runs the Frrf (doomsday) device that measures the photosynthetic capacity of the little microbes that keep the oceans healthy. He seems to be the only person short of Joe Grzymski who knows how to work that monster.
Ron Hoeke is a useful man of all trades and puts his hand up to help out whenever and wherever. Only a captain and his first mate can appreciate this particular trait. He even rescued us the other day when the dinghy died and I had to swim it ashore.  And his girlfriend Gayle Philip helps me out with retrieving and preserving the water samples. 
As for Fede and myself...we are going to work on being nice because there is no rest for the wicked!


  1. Huge Thanks to Mike and all the other brave Indigo Sailors...The FRRF is NOT a doomsday device- it only predicts the future.
    Can't wait to see everyone in a few days!!

  2. Wow! Sounds like everyone's coming together to create a fantastic, memorable experience. Congratulations to everyone, especially the newbies; you deserve it! Many kudos to Fede and Rachelle for spear-heading this brilliant Indigo V experience.

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