Thursday, 12 September 2013

George the grumpy Jefa auto pilot

It seems George is intent on breaking down.  Fede and I heard the telltale clanking in the middle of the night.  So with much disappointment we turned off George and hand steered through the night.  This would mark the third auto pilot breakdown....... we were not happy. 
Jacob and I disembowelled the lazerette the following day and found that a large nut had literally fallen off a critical bolt.  It wasn't stripped and had been lock tighted at some point.  It was very bizarre.  So we screwed everything back together and put George back on the job.  Days seem to pass in mirror images of one another, and I think its been two days now that George has been back in business.  Go George!!
S/Y Indigo V Team
Indian Ocean Expedition


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