Wednesday, 11 September 2013

First fish

What's an Indigo V Expedition without any fishing??  Well, today did not disappoint.  Ron's fishing contraption did the trick and we caught two wahoo's .... or something like that.  The boys set one free and we ate the other.  Seems this crew is alittle better at dispatching the poor fish than the crew from leg 1!!  I couldn't witness the actual deed but I heard first hand reports that it didn't suffer (although I did hear alot of banging and I'll have to remember to check the winch handle for fish remnants).
We also started sampling today and needless to say we have a little fine tuning to do... And lastly, my favorite cap went overboard today!!!!  That marks the end of my head gear; I lost my visor on the way out of Mauritius.  Fede launched a very impressive man over board drill in hopes of recovering my hat... and after a few hopeful seconds whereby I thought we could recover hat slipped beyond view and into Davy Jones locker.
The temperature is starting to rise as we approach the equator.  Everyone is wearing as little clothing as possible to still maintain some decency (often unsuccessfully).  I think we're all looking forward to arriving in Chagos where we can open some hatches and get a little sea breeze through the cabins. 


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