Wednesday, 11 September 2013

End of the earth...sort of

We stopped at the Carajos Cargados shoals so the crew could catch a breather, most were struck down with sea sicknesss.  The seas coming out of Mauritius were crossed and were a pretty advanced introduction to ocean crossings, but the winds were fantastic.  The morning after we arrived, two very friendly local fishermen came for a visit and to give us some (many) freshly caught fish.  They would not take any money, all they wanted was some fresh fruit and rhum.  I almost had to wonder if there was any truth to the pirate movies that depicts rhum as the most valuable commodity.   
Most everyone aboard hopped on the fisherman's boat for a ride over to his spit of land and a little tour of his tin home.  Apparently only three people live on the island year round, a few more could be found on the adjacent atoll.  Short of a few dental problems, due to scurvy, he loved his life in this desolate place where birds fly a few feet over head and others could be touched with the outstretch of a hand.  They had no running water or electricity; visitors were few and far between and I had to wonder... how much do we really need to be happy?


  1. Very interesting remarks regarding possessions; we are in discard mode here in California as we prepare to move and with every item tossed, I seem to feel lighter. I think it is true, as you say, we do not need very much to be happy.

    Is "rhum" a special drink available in the Southern Seas, different than our familiar "rum?" I wonder why the fisherman could not plant some fruit trees, or order vitamin C from Amazon?

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