Saturday, 8 June 2013

Where the magic happens

This first leg of the Indigo V expedition is drawing to a close and it's time to start looking back at these past few weeks.
We've been through beautiful sunsets and sunrises, squalls, storms, doldrums, heavy seas, sleepless nights, great meals, dreadful amounts of 2-minute noodles, lots of laughs and some great memorable times.  The scientific part of the expedition has been successful beyond our wildest dreams. We have plenty of data to work on and lots of equipment to improve or repair before leg 2.
But for those of you interested, this is where all the science happens: on our reconfigured lounge table. For extra credit try identifying in the picture all the following items:
  • The flow cytometer
  • The FRRF (fast repetition rate fluorometer)
  • The barcode printer
  • Joe Grzymski with a deer-caught-in-headlight look
  • The navigation station
  • The panic grab bag (contains all the emergency stuff in case we sink)
  • The repurposed library now filled with syringes and filters (and 100 books)
  • The -80 freezer (that now heats instead of cooling after a run in with some bad seas)


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