Tuesday, 11 June 2013

We've been adopted by a big mama

The ocean never ceases to amaze. The other day we were just done sampling when I suddenly looked around with my polarized sunnies and asked 'There are some weird dark patches out in the water, anybody has an idea of what they might be?'.  It wasn't long before we saw a large back with a small fin and a spurt of smelly water at mere 50 meters from us. We were right in the middle of a pod of blue whales making their migration.
Deciding not to disturb them, we pulled up the sails and started making way (we sample with the engine off) but the pod kept following us. Sometime a whale would pop up right behind us, sometimes right on our side, sometimes crossing our bow amazingly close. And when we changed course, the whole pod would change course with us. Maybe because of our dark blue hull they thought we were one of them, the long lost silly cousin that goes in the wrong direction, or maybe they just liked the Miles Davies cd that was playing at the time. This lasted for over an hour but everyone was so excited by the show that we forgot to take pictures... except Rach who took some video, but that cant go on a blog!