Monday, 10 June 2013

Seamstresses and electricians

On a sailing passage this long, one must employ some ingenuity.  Yachts are self-sufficient floating universes with all sorts of systems that can break or misbehave and the team has to deal with it.
One example happened when, during the big storm of last week, one of our peristaltic pumps got wet and stopped functioning. Our team of electricians (Martin 'Edison' Ostrowski and Joe 'Tesla' Grzymski) went to work. With the aid of common household items (and a multimeter) they found out that the pump was still serviceable but the controller was shot. They therefore used the other peristaltic pump and with a usb cable connected both pumps to a single controller in parallel. End result, we have two functioning pumps again which we nicknamed "the siamese twins".
Another example of skill deployment was when, during a squall, one of the seams of our mainsail busted open. Our sail repair team (Josh 'Jack-of-all-Trades' Goldstein and Joe 'McGyver' Grzymski) got thread and needle and sutured over a meter of sail back to its original state. The repair is so darn good that we have problems even spotting it.     
I am not sure how these newly acquired skills will be used once we get back to civilization but when you are on a small boat in a vast ocean they certainly do come handy.  Now if we can just find someone to fix the wind machine across this part of the ocean, all will be well!