Friday, 17 May 2013

Where Oceans collide

It's all happening!!! We have cleared customs and left Cape Town and are now underway. Next stop Mauritius.
Having just gone past the Cape of Good Hope (aka The Cape) I discovered that it is incorrectly labelled as the tip of Africa and the meeting of the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. The actual southern tip of Africa is Cape Agulhas. I guess ancient trading mariners were more interested in Good Hope because by going around that, you have 'turned the corner' and are on your way home with a clipper (a type of sailing ship) full of tea. It was a major accomplishment and to this day, doubling The Cape is a required rite of passage for any ocean sailor. We'll, we've done it and I wonder if our large box of earl grey would still qualify us even if going in the wrong direction.
On the science side, all the pumps are tested and the equipment has been strapped down. They seem to tolerate the tossing around of the southerly swell better than us.
S/Y Indigo V Team
Indian Ocean Expedition


  1. Very exciting! Nice photo too.

  2. Looks like someone's in the "crow's nest" (structure in the upper part of the main mast of a ship or structure that is used as a lookout point, for you lubbers out there); oh wait I forgot, you have radar now! ha ha.

    SO INTERESTING to read your description of "rounding the Cape;" I've read about it for years but no first hand accounts 'til now. You're right, it is a very big deal and a significant achievement. I think your cargo of Earl Grey qualifies the Indigo V crew as world class, bona fide tea sippers. Know you're busy but keep blogging! Can't wait for the next update... Hi to Rachelle!

  3. From BABS:
    Hi to all the crew, and we're following the voyage with interest. Looks like you have lots of sunshine in those southern waters, although from the oblique reference to tolerance of the southerly swell, perhaps all is not as calm as it looks!

    It's sunny and mild at Kensington today, 21oC, and all still underfoot!

    Michele on behalf of the School


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