Friday, 31 May 2013

This is not real science, it's a fishing expedition

Believe it or not, we get that a lot. Because we do metagenomics, which means that we go out in the ocean, take a bucket of water, sequence all the DNA contained and put the genome information back together on a computer, many believe that we are just going 'gene hunting' and have no clear hypothesis in mind when we start. Nothing is furthest from the truth, but in this case, I might concede, it's been a fishing expedition. We collected our first scientific samples today (more on our lab setup in future blogs) but the most exciting part of the week has been catching a 5 kg yellowfin tuna.
How? Well... we have a fishing line (actually it's a clothing line with a hook and an orange plastic lure at the end) trailing the boat 'just in case'. And yesterday, we finally caught lunch. Best sashimi ever!!!

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