Wednesday, 22 May 2013

My kitchen rules

Before the Indigo V expedition started we had a number of people thinking that their masterchef skills would make them famous aboard our little floating universe. These go from the legends of Joe's homemade pasta to Martin's baking prowess, from Rachelle's pizza galore to Ray's fish'n'chips. Not to mention my sorta famous tiramisu.
On the boat we have 3 tiers of meals: rough seas meals (approximately 120,000 portions of two minutes noodle - thanks Brownie), quick meals for when we are too busy sampling or sailing (basically pre-pepared frozen bags of lentil daal or curry) and raw ingredients for making any haute cuisine delicatessen.  The big running joke was the seemingly sheer improbability that all the people on planet earth could never possibly consume the amount of minute noodles that Mark Brown provisioned, but since we've been at sea, choice number one has been the noodles.  And as impossible as it might sound, I do believe we might be running low! No cooking team has yet to embark into making their long promised gastronomical dream meal. 
Will it ever happen? Only time will tell.  Martin promised to bake an orange cake for Rach and my fourth wedding anniversary - which is today.  I can't think of a better way to celebrate than with two minute noodles and some of our best mates.... and hopefully some orange cake!


  1. Happy 4th Anniversary Rachelle and Fede! We remember the wonderful time in Venice, meeting Joe and Brownie, the gondola rides, the beautiful city. Maybe some day a reprise of the festivities. In the meantime, happy sailing!

  2. Great to hear more about daily life on board. You'll have to try hard to beat this anniversary experience in future years! And I'm sure 2-minute noodles will always have a special place in your pantry :-)

    Michele and colleagues at BABS


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