Sunday, 19 May 2013


My dad always used to tell me: 'The worst thing you can do to a boat is not use it'. And he was right, boats that are not used get ambivalent.  They pile on the winter pounds and with nobody around to play with, they slip out of shape.  I remember when I used to get back to my racing dinghy after a month of winter storage and I had to tighten every screw check and lubricate very deck fitting. The only time I didn't do that, I lost the rudder during the first sail.  Our local skipper said it best yesterday, "An unused yacht is a very unhappy yacht."
Of course, with that type of experience it's tempting to believe that without any human companionship, gremlins are welcomed aboard to play.  Indigo V is no different. She was waiting for us in Cape Town for 2 months and now, during the shakedown part of the voyage, little things got loose and need attention.  From a small leak in one of the deck hatches (bothering Joshua's beauty sleeps) to the filters of the watermaker.  Today we found some dirt in the fuel filter which was causing throttle irregularity on the main diesel engine.  All minor hiccups, nothing major. 
Indigo V has alot of heart and she carried us safely to Port Elizabeth which we will use as our jumping off point into the blue ocean transact up to Mauritius.  Even the weather cooperated and two major weather fronts didn't materialise leaving us alone to enjoy the short sail up the coast.  So, even if the scientific sampling hasn't started yet, the whole crew is keeping busy and everyone is having a great time. As a little side note, peristaltic pumps are great for sampling diesel from sailboat tanks, more on that in a scientific paper to follow...


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